Skylight Blinds

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Velux Blinds
Designed specifically for Skylight roof windows and sun lights, Skylight blinds offer complete darkness at night for a deeper, care-free sleep, and softly diffuse direct light in the daytime for a light and fresh feeling room.

1st Blinds for Choice will work with you to find the perfect solution for your windows. Our expert team regularly work with both domestic and commercial clients, satisfying a wide range of requirements.
Our Skylight blinds will fit your Skylight window system perfectly
  • We offer a free at-home measuring service
  • Genuine Skylight blind systems
  • Free fitting service
  • Skylight blinds come with a 1 year guarantee
Choice of colours and patterns
Skylight blinds are available in many colours, ensuring you can find a shade that perfectly suits the feel of your room.

Skylight blinds can be installed with an environmentally friendly and modern way to control the level of light in your home. As Skylight blinds run in anodised aluminium side rails, light is prevented from coming through the edges, giving you complete control of the light entering your room.

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